Super Anti-Inflammatory Pain Reduction Smoothie

Do you suffer from chronic inflammation? This recipe is excellent for fighting inflammation as well as increasing your energy levels. It is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients which reduce pain and swelling, and nourish your cells with body-loving antioxidants. 

Inflammation occurs when our body's experience an injury, infection, irritants, stress or foreign objects entering our system, and our immune response and protective reactions to these factors. Our bodies inflame so that the injured area can begin healing. However, with chronic inflammation, our immune response is constantly revved up, and this can lead to accelerated aging and a variety of other diseases like psoriasis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes (type II), arthritis, autoimmune diseases, neurological disease and digestive disorders. 

A majority of the inflammation in our body is caused by eating foods our body views as foreign substances (foods that our bodies cannot do much with, but try to protect itself from). These foods include all junk foods, processed foods, high-heated vegetable oils, refined sugars and corn syrup, artificial sweeteners (like splenda, aspartame, etc.), refined grains, alcohol, soft drinks, food additives, nitrates (for example, in deli meats), preservatives, pesticides, GMO's (genetically modified foods) and factory-farm raised animals. 

Today's smoothie will help you fight this inflammation so that you can experience some relief from your pain. If you start to change the way you eat (lots of fresh whole fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds), you have the ability to reduce inflammation (yes, even permanently!), and can even reverse your condition (this of course, takes time and dedication).

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- 1 cup organic cherries (anthocyanins in cherries help relieve pain more effectively than aspirin)
- 2 ripe bananas (energy and help digestion)
- 1 cup greens of your choice (very alkaline)
- 1/2 tsp. turmeric powder (potent antioxidant, liver detoxifier, and anti-inflammatory)
- 1/4 tsp. cinnamon (rich in antioxidants, helps to combat inflammation and free radicals)
- 1 tsp freshly grated ginger (potassium rich, helps stimulate digestion and bile flow)
- 1 tbsp. pre-soaked chia seeds (full of omega-3 fatty acids to help protect the body from damaging effects of chronic inflammation)
- 1 cup young thai coconut water (full of potassium and magnesium, help protect the body from degenerative diseases)

Blend & Enjoy!


  1. how long do you soak the chia seeds for?!

  2. sounds and looks so appetizing and easy to make. I will definitely try if for a breakfast drink.

  3. does it last in the fridge? This is a big drink! :-)

    1. Hey Christy! I am not an advocate of leaving smoothies or juices for longer than a couple hours, but if you are okay with some oxidation and it tasting a little off, then you can leave it in the fridge, or just make half a recipe

  4. What do you soak the seeds in?

  5. Can you tell me in general how many servings most of these juices and smoothies are? They all seem to contain a lot more ingredients than I use for one.

  6. Are the organic cherries sweet or tart? I have loads of tart cherries in my freezer from our tree that I'm trying to figure out what to do with and this recipe sounds wonderful.

  7. If you want an amazing blender, I highly suggest you purchase a vitamix! It makes the smoothest, most creamiest smoothies, raw soups and ...


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