Headache Blaster Juice

Do you get headaches or migraines? This juice might just be the answer. Many people experience headaches when they stress, get angry, sit poorly, eat poorly, or are exposed to environmental toxins like perfume and smog. Bright lights and grinding of the teeth are also a common trigger for headaches, as well as weather patterns (less often this than the others). 

When people experience a headache their initial instinct is to reach for some over-the-counter medication like tylenol to ease the pain. However, putting chemicals in our body should not be the answer to experiencing pain. Learning natural methods in pain relief will help heal your body, targeting the root of the cause, instead of covering up symptoms that will return once the medication has left the bloodstream. 

This juice contains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium that help prevent and relieve headaches. If you are prone to attacks, add this juice into your daily diet! Consuming this produce in the form of juice helps the nutrients reach the bloodstream faster, and thus will target your headaches much more quickly!

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- 2 granny smith apples
- 5 stalks celery
- 1 bunch kale
- 1 cucumber
- 2 lemons
- 2 inches ginger (with peel)

Juice the above ingredients in a juicer. Drink this every day and you should experience some relief from your headaches!


  1. Do these have to be "juiced" or do you have them all to a blender?

    1. I would juice them, unless if you have a really good blender like vitamix or something :)

  2. another substitute for kale pls?

    1. collards, arugula, dandelion greens, any dark leafy green really

  3. what does it taste like?? im very picky but have been suffering for years and want to try this!!

    1. You aren't really drinking it for the taste. The health benefits are what you are looking for.

    2. Speak for yourself! I drink this for the taste too! It's amazing!


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