Juice For Energy & Mental Clarity

Using a wide variety of mineral dense fruit and vegetables is the secret to making juices that provide you with lasting energy. Beet juice is a wonderful blood purifier and blood builder which helps in the creation of red blood cells. Beet juice improves blood structure and cures diseases that attack the circulatory system and digestive system, and can help dissolve stones in the kidneys, liver and bladder. 

Apples contain polyphenols which have been shown to reduce the absorption of glucose from the digestive tract; to stimulate beta cells of the pancreas to secrete insulin and to increase the uptake of glucose from the blood via insulin receptor stimulation. These all help with blood sugar regulation and thus leave you with healthy, long-lasting energy levels. Ginger is a great way to increase stimulation to the circulatory system and improves mental clarity!

Greens and herbs are a wonderful way to help increase your energy levels throughout the day! They are a great source of iron, which is an important nutrient to ensure that energy levels stay high. Greens also contain vitamin C, so this is a win-win situation because the iron in the greens is more readily absorbed into the bloodstream via the vitamin C. Vitamin C also offers a healthy dose of antioxidants that will help you to stay strong, healthy, and leave you feeling light and energized. 

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- 3 apples
- 3 beets
- 1 bunch parsley
- 1 head green leafy lettuce (can be romaine, green leafy, red tipped leafy)
- 1 bunch cilantro
- 4 stalks celery
- 1 cucumber
- 3 inches ginger

Juice the above ingredients, mix & enjoy!


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