Blood Purifier Juice

Regular detoxification of our blood is important! Daily toxins that we ingest every day (whether it be from the food you eat, or the air you breathe) disrupts normal functioning of our organs. Detoxing the blood helps to remove these toxins and improve functioning of the kidneys and liver. 

Purifying the blood will help remove these toxins which normally create havoc in the body (i.e., headaches, fatigue, allergies, low immunity, and several other health problems). With healthy blood, our body can function better and has an easier time carrying nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body. 

This blood purifying recipe will help cleanse your blood, and leave you feeling fantastic. Of course, you cannot expect to feel amazing while still including foods and stressors in your life that dampen your health. Cleaning the blood is an effort that requires more than just consuming this juice - although it will help, your body will also benefit from eating a whole foods, un-processed diet. 

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2 beets (powerful blood cleanser, and "builders" of the blood)
1 clove garlic (slows down hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis) and lowers blood pressure)
1 bunch dandelion greens (nourishes your blood, supports the liver)
2 apples (blood sugar regulation)
1 inch ginger (great for enzyme support and inhibits blood clots from forming)
2 lemons (vitamin C - antioxidants!)

Juice & Enjoy!


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