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The health of someones skin is very telling of the foods they consume. Individuals who eat a lot of processed foods often have poor skin complexion, which directly connects back to the foods they eat. The skin is the largest organ in the body so it reflects how clean our lymphatic, liver and kidneys truly are. The appearance of flawless skin depends, more than anything else, how clean your body is on the inside. Eliminating toxins from the inside that usually cause acne and blemishes is they key to getting beautiful skin.

This elixir focuses on certain herbs and vegetables that help nourish the skin and get your organs working properly. Of course (as with anything), you need to work on removing processed foods from your diet and replacing them with fresh, whole foods instead. 

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- 5 inches burdock root (increases circulation to the skin and helps detox epidermal tissue)
- 4 stalks celery (replenishes cell salts and hydrates)
- 1 cucumber (hydration and vitamin E)
- half a fennel bulb (antiseptic and diuretic) 
- 1 inch ginger (reduces inflammation)
- 1 inch turmeric (reduces inflammation, evens out skin tone, maintains elasticity of the skin)
- 2 lemons (vitamin C for antioxidants)

Juice & Enjoy!


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