Natures Flu Shot: A healing tonic

This tonic is one of my top favourites for getting rid of and preventing any kin
d of illness that comes upon me, my friends, or my family. Who needs a flu shot when you can literally create your own (much more powerful) "flu shot" provided by the healing roots and herbs that nature provides? Did you know that all pharmaceuticals are created from synthesized (and thus, much less powerful) chemical compounds from plants? Except, pharmaceuticals add in dangerous chemicals to their pills in order to improve the shelf life and prevent degradation. Why not just go to the root and eat what nature intended?

Here is a recipe that will be sure to help heal you quickly and pain-free. The fresh turmeric root which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties is quickly escorted into your system thanks to the ginger (opens digestive pathways) and cayenne (opens veins and arteries due to its vasodilator properties). This is a very powerful juice, and is a must in any health routines you may have :)

Tea base:
- 1 tbsp. burdock root
- 1 tbsp. nettle
- 1 tbsp. milk thistle 
(let these herbs simmer on low heat on the stove in 2 cups water)

Once this tea has simmered for around 10-15 minutes, let it cool to room temperature. Next, add the following:

- 2 juiced lemons
- 1/4 tsp. Cayenne (I use the 20,000 kind, on the hotness scale)
- 2 garlic cloves, crushed
- 3 inches turmeric root (juiced in juicer or crushed in garlic press, or you may also use 2 tbsp fresh raw turmeric powder)
- 3 inches ginger (juiced in juicer or crushed in garlic press, or you may also use 2 tbsp fresh raw ginger powder)
- 1 tsp. fresh raw honey (this is optional. I normally don't consume honey, but the properties in honey are great for getting rid of bacteria and viruses)

Put this into a glass jar with a lid, and shake up! 

*NOTE: If you do not want to make the tea base, although it is highly recommended, just use 2 cups of plain water or young thai coconut water

Here's to your health!


  1. People with diabetes should not be adding honey, because it increases A1C period. Although honey is good for reducing cholesterol. I used honey is one of the similar recipe, my A1C shot up to 9.3 in 3 months, and it took me 7 months to bring it down.

    1. People with diabetes should not be consuming fat. It is fat regulation they have issues with, which prevents glucose from properly entering the cells. Again, adding honey is optional.

    2. Regarding diabetes: Do you differenciate between type 1 and type 2 here?
      To my knowledge those 2 are very different and should be clearly seperated.

  2. So, no instruction on how to consume this recipe...a little each day until gone, or do you chug it all at once? What???

    1. I would (myself) drink it all at once to ensure the virus had no chance of surviving. Everyone is different though - experiment.

  3. What's the dosage? Do I drink a cup per day or what?

    1. If I were sick I would make this every day and drink it once a day.

  4. Juicing is totally worth it.


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