Green Juice For Weight Loss, Energy, Pain Relief and Blood Sugar

It is spring and soon to come summer, so now is the time to lighten things up and clean out old fall and winter eating patterns that might have packed us on a few pounds. Now that the weather is warming up it is time to cleanse, hydrate and re-mineralize your body!

Deodorizing the body with herbs is a great way to allow chlorophyll from the herbs to infuse themselves in the cells in your body and to help neutralize any body odours and bacteria. Bacteria and viruses do not like chlorophyll because it carries oxygen with it as it passes through the GI tract. It is also important to recognize that eating your greens and root vegetables and fruit to get adequate fiber in your diet will help flush out these parasites and toxins. 

This juice contains not only herbs, but LOTS of celery and cucumber which are water and mineral dense. High mineral and vitamin rich foods are a great way to provide your body with the nutrients it requires and thus reduces cravings for highly processed junk foods (and thus natural weight reduction). Cucumber acts as a natural diuretic too, so this helps you urinate more often and reduce any bloating and water retention you may be carrying around. 

Jerusalem artichokes are another great root to add into your diet! They are wonderful for those dealing with blood sugar issues and diabetes because they store inulin instead of starch which helps reduce blood lipid and glucose levels when consumed. They also act as a wonderful pre-biotic and prevents intestinal diseases and constipation. 

Need a juicer? Want a juicer that extracts all the nutrients without heating to high temperatures and thus preserves phytonutrients and energy life force? I swear by the Omega 8005 juicer! If you order the Omega through Live Love Fruit, you will get FREE shipping! Click HERE to order.

- 1 bundle celery
- 1 cucumber
- 1 bundle cilantro
- 1 bundle dill
- 1 bundle spinach (excellent protein source here!)
- 4 jerusalem artichokes
- 2 lemons

Juice in a juicer (I use the omega 8006 juicer), and enjoy the alkalizing effects to help remove excess weight, pain and stiffness, help regulate your blood sugar and naturally increase energy levels!


  1. I am so looking forward to trying this juice! One question though, is there a substitute for the Jerusalem artichokes, if I cannot find any?

    1. It is a very wonderful juice! You can just leave it out or substitute carrots!

  2. I liked your blog, and it is really informative for people who want to reduce weight and for those who have blood sugar problem. I am also taking a glass of Green drink daily to avoid such diseases and to keep myself healthy and fit.


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