Build Your Own Refreshing Summer Smoothie

Summer is a time to freshen up your body and feed it with cooling foods that help lower blood pressure and body temperature. Build your own refreshing summer smoothie using these four easy steps!

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1. Add Fruit
You can add any kind of fruit you please. Summer time is the time of the freshest most ripest fruit, so it is essential that you eat a large variety (especially of the fruit that is local and in-season like nectarines, plums, peaches, mangos, cherries, grapes, melons and berries!)

2. Add Liquid
Add liquid; generally, any type of water, or you can add something for a little more electrolytes like some freshly pressed raw fruit juices or some coconut water. These will help replenish crucial electrolytes lost through sweating in the heat.

3. Power Up
This step is optional, however if you want to add a little more power to your smoothies you are free to add some medjool dates, or some vitamin and mineral rich raw chlorella powder. Kick it up a notch and up your antioxidant boost with some fresh raw acai berry powder, which you can purchase from Nativas Naturals.

4. Make It Cool
Cool down your system by turning your smoothie into a ice-cube slush, or simply blend watermelon by itself (watermelon smoothie anyone?) to help lower your blood pressure and cool down the body. Leafy greens are also great at cooling the body because they have high water content and are thus very easy to digest (and thus, the body does not heat as much to assimilate the digestive process).


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