Lemon Orange Cleansing Juice For Energy & Mood Enhancement

Citrus fruits are incredible for helping cleanse the body and get rid of mucoid plaque in the digestive tract, lungs and circulatory system. They free-up built-up chemicals and other toxins and thus allow for proper utilization of energy via better nutrient absorption in the intestine. 

When we are backed up with a host of processed foods, wheat, dairy and allergens like soy, we feel tired because our body is constantly at battle with either trying to digest or fend off these foreign food invaders (foods not necessary for the human body). Thankfully, oranges and lemons help the body break through these foods, helping to expel them and reveal a host of energy you never thought possible! 

This juice is simple, but so good, and so very good for you!

- 5 Oranges
- 2 Lemons
- Water to dilute (if need be)

This recipe is as simple as it gets. You can use a manual juicer, or a juicer such as the Omega or Breville Juicer. Enjoy immediately!


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