Healing Watermelon Juice For Inflammation and Kidney Stones

Watermelon is one of my favourite fruits for alkalizing the body and providing it with major overall healing benefits. It is one of the most powerful, body-healing fruits out there!

The lycopene in watermelon is particularly helpful in healing our cardiovascular system and reduces bone degradation by improving osteoclast and osteoblast activity (two major bone cells involved in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis).

Citrulline in watermelon has also been shown to help reduce the accumulation of fat in our fat cells! Most importantly, however, watermelon is a great diuretic, but at the same time does not strain the kidneys (coffee and alcohol are diuretics, but they strain the kidneys). It is rich in potassium for proper muscle and nerve function and helps improve eyesight! 

The tripterpenoid cucurbitacin E is also present in watermelon, which provides anti-inflammatory support by blocking activity of cyclo-oxygenase enzymes which normally lead to increased inflammatory support.

- 5 cups watermelon for juicing
- 1 cup watermelon, cubed, for addition to juice afterwards
- 1 cup young thai coconut water
- 1/2 lime, for spritzing into juice

Juice the 5 cups of watermelon, and to this, add the watermelon chunks, coconut water, and 1/2 lime juice (spritz it into the juice). Enjoy immediately!


  1. Wow it looks refreshing! Specially in hot days :)
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