Papaya "fish"

I took a picture of this papaya "fish" I made a couple months ago. I thought he was pretty cute, but I immediately chopped him up so he could go in my salad:

This salad consisted of:
1) Papaya & Mango
2) 2 tbsp of mixed 1-hr soaked pumpkin & sunflower seeds
3) Mixed baby greens with 1 head romaine lettuce

The dressing:
Strawberries & freshly squeezed orange juice, blended together (yum!)

I LOVE this salad, it is one of my favourites, and could eat it every night if I had to. 

Remember to always "Live Love Fruit" :)


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    1. Heheh, he was a little cutie! I felt kind of bad for chopping him up, but papaya, being my favourite fruit, made me not able to resist :P He was very tasty :)

  2. Poor cute fish lol u are amazing like all your recipes God blessed you.


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