Massaged Kale & Zucchini Entreé

Sorry for not posting a recipe lately, been extremely busy with prepping for final exams and wrapping up my thesis. BUT I came up with this recipe a couple weeks ago, I love it so much. You can leave out the zucchini if you like (that's how I used to eat it) but I just like the extra macronutrients that the zucchini gives you, and it also gives it more weight. 

(click on images for larger view)

1 Bunch Kale
1/3-1/4 Avocado (ripe!)
1 Lemon, juiced
Black pepper (optional)
Himalayan salt (optional - I do not use, but I know some of you still eat salt)

Rip kale off thick stems, and break into small pieces (or just rip off, stick in a bowl, then take a LARGE pair of scissors and cut kale - this is the easiest way!)

Take avocado and lemon & massage the kale - this will help pre-digest it for our stomachs, and make chewing easier. Kale is a very tough lettuce, and massaging it will break down the fibers to make it much softer.

Now, you can add in whatever you please. Here is what I added:
-1/3 of a red cabbage, shredded
-2 LARGE carrots, shredded (not pictured, but pictured below)
-3 mangoes, finely chopped
-3 celery stalks
-Mini red/yellow/orange peppers (5)
-Vegetable-peeler sliced zucchini (2)

Here is what it looks like with zucchini (this image does not include peppers or mango, I actually made this recipe again a few days later and didn't have mango or peppers, but you get the idea of what zucchini looks like in it)

Gently toss all ingredients together and chow down (don't forget to CHEW!)


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