Basic Zucchini Spaghetti & Marinara (all RAW of course & low fat)

Hello all, here is a little recipe I would like to share with you for the time being (until I upload my many photos from my camera from this weeks food items). This is my zucchini marinara sauce, of course you can spiralize/potato peelize/slicer-stylize the zucchini, any way you like. I also added in some spinach to the mix of zucchini. I usually drink a litre of green juice a day (in the morning), so a majority of my greens are taken in in the morning and at night.

Yay! Okay, doesn't it look beautiful! So much yum right there, here is the recipe:

Sun-dried tomatoes (2) (I make my own with no additives in dehydrator)
4-5 tomatoes (either large or cherry - cherry is obviously going to make it taste very good)
1/4 lemon squeezed
1/2 orange squeezed
Fresh basil (3 leaves)
Fresh Oregano (3 leaves)
1/2-1/4 beetroot <--- this will add incredible salty flavour (and dark red colour) to your sauce, without even adding salt! It's amazing :) you can also use the red stems of swiss chard, which are also ridiculously salty tasting - try it!

Serve over a bed of zucchini noodles mixed with spinach and voila!


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