Cruelty-free Feather Earrings Coming Soon!

Hello my lovelies, I thought I would post something not food related. I am (hoping) by late summer that my feather jewellery (and rock jewellery) company will be up and running. I also paint and collect drift wood/rock slates off LOTW (lake of the woods), so I am hoping to do something with those as well too. I collect feathers around LOTW as well as contact people, mainly off etsy who collect feathers from their moulting pet birds. For example, these beautiful parrot feathers I recently purchased were from a woman whose pet parrot has shed over the years. I seriously cannot stop looking at them, they're gorgeous!

I have an etsy account (although nothing is up yet, you will SOON see things there to purchase, and for extremely reasonable prices, not $30 some places charge for earrings that required little work put into them - aka. most stores at the mall, etc.) - the account name is "Megacosm" - designs inspired from the one and only mother nature :)


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