Strawberry Cucumber Juice To Help Improve Mood & Reduce Inflammation

Bust out your strawberries and cucumber for a refreshing juice recipe that'll leave you feeling happy and pain-free. Strawberries contain B Vitamins, which help nourish our nervous system and help overcome mild depression. They are also loaded with the antioxidant anthocyanidin, a unique flavonoid that protects against conditions like asthma, gout, atherosclerosis and arthritis. 

- 2 pints organic strawberries
- 1 large cucumber
- 1 lime, peeled
- 2 inches ginger root
- Optional: 1/4 cup mint leaves

Juice (or blend) the above ingredients and enjoy immediately to preserve antioxidant function in the body!


  1. Yum, I love the sound of this drink! Sounds like a great drink for summer!

    Lennae xxx

  2. All smoothies are good for you because they contains fruit but it's much better if you have the time to make your own using fresh or frozen fruit. That way you know exactly what when into it


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