Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

Take ahold of your health this New Year and infuse your body with vitamins and minerals from this carrot, apple, ginger juice! This juice will energize the cells of your body, leaving you more alert and able to focus on tasks better. It will also help battle any inflammation in the body which is a major contributor to a host of diseases and illnesses like arthritis, gout and skin conditions like eczema. 

Carrots are great for helping improve the vision and protecting against macular degeneration. They are also known to reduce the risk of lung and breast cancers. Apples are also ranked second highest for antioxidant activity, making them a wonderful fruit to include in juices and smoothies, or just to eat as a light simple snack. 

Go ahead and get juicing!

- 6 large carrots
- 3 apples
- 4-5 inch piece of ginger
- 1-2 lemons (based on how bitter you like your juice)

Juice all of the above ingredients in a juicer such as the Omega 8006, and enjoy!


  1. do you put citrus fuits also into a juicer? not a citrus juicer? I am a bit confused

    1. Yup! You can put the entire lemon through the juicer, or you can alternately squeeze out the juice and then put it into the juice afterward. If the lemons are not organic then cut off the peel before juicing.


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