Yummy Fruit Salad - Proper Food Combining

 I want to talk to you today about FOOD combining! It is so important to properly combine your food. For example, you should not combine acid fruits with sweet fruits, but BOTH acid and sweet fruits can be combined with sub-acid fruits. If these are not properly combined, it can lead to digestive distress (gas, bloating, pain). There are many food combining charts on the internet! Just go on google and type in "Food combining chart"

For example, here is a fruit salad recipe I recently made. Very tasty!


Mix up and eat. I would NOT put a sweet fruit in this such as a banana or dates. That would not be good :)


  1. I just got an app on my iphone that let's me know if I'm food combining correctly, so awesome! I was wondering why my stomach hurt after having combining different fruit :)

    1. That's so awesome!! Yesss, improper combining will definitely lead to pain and bloating. So glad I know how to combine food properly now ^_^


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