Raw Vegan Low-fat Lasagna - YUMM!

This recipe takes a little longer (or it doesn't have to if you don't want to spend time making it perfect - haha). I find that most of the raw vegan lasagna's out there are PACKED with so many nuts and seeds (too fatty) - although fats are good for you in moderation, you shouldn't eat them in high quantities. In the wild, we wouldn't have access to pre-cracked nuts and seeds, and would have to literally crawl in the trees to obtain the nuts, which would take effort, and then we would have to crack the nuts which would take some time. It would probably take around 10 minutes just to get up the tree, get the nut, get into the nut and eat the edible portion inside. Nowadays we can go to the grocery store, pick up pounds of pre-cracked nuts and eat as we please - not very sensible :\

So here it is, a tried & true yummy tasting raw vegan lasagna that is LOW fat and amazing tasting!

- As many zucchini as you please (I used 3) - peeled with a vegetable peeler, to make thick wide strips
- Loose organic spinach
- Organic cremini (or white) mushrooms

Tomato sauce:
Fresh oregano & basil to taste
little bit of squeezed orange & lemon
 ---> Pureé all of this in a blender

"cheese" sauce:
2 tbsp sunflower seeds soaked for 8 hrs
1 tbsp pumpkin seeds soaked for 8 hrs
Left over zucchini from above pieces
 ---> pureé all of this in a blender

Then, start layering! Start with strips of zucchini, followed by cheese sauce, tomato sauce, spinach and mushroom, and continue layering in this way. And voila!

Doesn't it look pretty?? I haven't had this in about a month, I think its time again! I had fun eating it ^_^


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