Apple, Carrot, Orange Ginger Juice For Instant Energy

New to juicing? This simple recipe is a great way to get started! It's an easy transition and a very enjoyable juice. In this recipe I jazz up plain old carrot juice with oranges, ginger, apples and lemon! The combination is to die for and will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on whatever project might lay ahead! 

The benefits of this juice are endless. It is truly a healer of all kinds! Some perks of drinking this juice include:
- Instant energy 
- Skin health, for a warm, healthy glow
- Eye health (vitamin A)
- Facilitates digestion
- Fights anemia (high in iron)
- Fights asthma
- Fights off pre-cancerous cells (high anti-oxidant load)
- Reduces congestion and stuffy sinuses
- Regulates blood sugar
- Anti-aging
- Anti-inflammatory
- Controls blood pressure
- Supports the health of our nails and hair

- 8 large carrots
- 4 oranges, peeled
- 4 pink lady apples (or other favourite apple - pink lady is just my personal favourite)
- 4 inch knob ginger
- 2 lemons, peeled

Juice the above ingredients in a juicer such as the Omega, and enjoy immediately to prevent oxidation!


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