Papaya Sunrise Smoothie

Super-charge your digestion with this Papaya Sunrise Smoothie! The enzymes in papaya (specifically, the enzyme papain) offer several health and digestive benefits, such as helping to dissolve proteins from food and speeding up certain chemical reactions within cells. It has also been found to reduce the chance of developing colon cancer and other digestive health issues. 

Why is digestion important? It plays a critical role in being able to properly absorb nutrients from food, determines what your energy levels will be like, and how effectively you will lose weight. If your digestion is impaired (for whatever reason), you may suffer from bloating, cramping, indigestion, fatigue, mood disorders and a variety of other issues.

If you consume things like wheat, eggs, dairy, or meat, you may feel consistently slowed down, because these foods sit in your digestive tract for incredibly long periods of time where deadly bacteria, fungus, mould and yeast multiply and thrive in their most optimal conditions. Since fruit and vegetables digest at a much faster rate (30 minutes to 1 hour – compared to several hours or even days for most meat), these bacteria, fungus, moulds and yeast simply cannot survive, because there is nowhere for them to live (food matter is eliminated before they even get a chance to multiply!).

This is one reason why most people who turn to a plant-based diet report higher energy levels and feel “light and bouncy” (as some might say it!). This is also a reason why most of the foods that help power and keep our digestive tract clean are those which are plant-based. 

- 1 small papaya, seeds removed**
- 1 ripe banana
- 2 cups chopped, ripe mango
- 1 cup young thai coconut water (or just regular water)
- 1 tsp. raw ground vanilla
- 2 inch piece ginger root

**Note: Dehydrate papaya seeds to make your own parasite-blasting "black pepper" which can be ground and used in replacement for black pepper


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