3 Easy Juice Recipes

Perhaps you are new to juicing, or are short on time - whatever the reason, these juice recipes are fast and easy to prepare, and will kick-start your health to a whole new level. Each juice focuses on a different aspect of the body, so you can switch between them throughout the week, or even go on a 1-day juice cleanse and drink the beet juice first, followed by the green juice and then the warming carrot juice at night.

If you are feeling sluggish or tired, a one day juice fast can do the trick to help dramatically improve your health and get you back on track. Sometimes the body and the colon need a little down time to allow for the release of surface wastes and toxins. A short cleanse can help boost the immune system and encourage a "natural cellular intelligence" that knows exactly what to do to help you heal and feel your best!

Standard Green Juice (deep tissue regeneration & detox):
1 cucumber
1 bunch parsley or cilantro
4 stalks kale
4 stalks celery
4 large carrots
1 lemon

Blood Building Beet Juice (blood, lymph, liver):
3 large beets, peeled
4 inches ginger root
4 apples (preferably organic - they are the highest pesticide sprayed fruit out there)
1 lemon

Warming Carrot Zinger (eyes, circulation, digestion):6 large carrots
4 inches ginger root
1 tsp. cayenne powder
4 apples (preferably organic - they are the highest pesticide sprayed fruit out there)
1 lemon

Juice each juice individually, and enjoy throughout the day. I recommend the Omega 8006 or NC800 model as a way to fully extract all nutrients from the juices!


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