Lymphatic System Cleanser: Pineapple Strawberry Blend

The lymphatic system is like a second circulatory system for the body - it helps aid in fluid recovery, immunity and lipid absorption. It is the body's internal drainage system which is designed to rid your blood of acidic and toxic waste. When the lymphatic system isn't functioning properly it can lead to issues such as fibromyalgia, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, aches and pains, bloating and poor digestion, cellulite, fat deposits and obesity. 

Eating a proper diet rich in fruit and vegetables and adequate water are essential to ensuring your lymphatic system is clean and flowing free. Green leafy vegetables and herbs are an excellent way to enrich your system with chlorophyll because this molecule helps to purify your blood which in turn cleanses your lymph.

Citrus fruits also have wonderful astringent properties which help increase lymph flow and remove any blockages. As well, melons help keep the body alkaline (and the lymphatic system drains best in more alkaline environments), while berries are packed with antioxidants which keep our immune system strong and don’t make the lymph system work as hard to fight off disease and illness.

Drinking plenty of water is also dependent on how well your lymphatic system will flow. Because our lymph system requires a constant supply of fluid, drinking at least 3-4L of purified or filtered water daily will help to keep it functioning at its best! Exercise, massage, sauna's, and rebounding are also very important to aid in the health of the lymphatic system!

- 1 cup organic strawberries
- 2 cups ripe pineapple
- 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
- 1 cup leafy greens (romaine, spinach, kale, etc.)
- Optional: Steep 1 tbsp. nettle leaves in 1 cup of water and add this to the smoothie mix once cooled. Nettle is incredibly useful in helping cleanse our blood of toxins, helping to relieve some of the pressure on the lymphatic system to cleanse the blood all by itself.

Put all of the ingredients above in a blender (I recommend the Vitamix), and pulse blend for 30 seconds until well incorporated. Enjoy!


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