Digestive Tract Healing & Inflammation Reducing Juice Recipe

Our gut is a major hub for any type of inflammation. Considering a majority of the foods people consume are inflammatory (junk foods, dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, etc.), our gut gets the brunt of it all. Inflammation in the intestinal tract can become quite painful and if chronic, can result in inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS) or other disorders of the digestive tract. Less chronic symptoms may result in bloating or gas production. 

Changing our diet, or adding in better things to our diet is the main way we can help shape and improve the way our digestive tract functions. Including plenty of leafy greens, fruit and vegetables, as well as including juices (such as this recipe) will have a huge impact on your guts overall health. 

- 1 fennel bulb (and fennel greens)
- 1 cup spinach
- 1 lime (peel removed)
- 1 bunch mint greens
- 4 stalks celery
- 2 green apples
- 3 inches ginger root

Juice up everything in a juicer such as the Omega, and enjoy immediately! You can juice this everyday to help improve digestion and reduce inflammation!


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