Young Thai Coconut Lime Mint Cooler

Want a quick refreshing pick-me-up? This slightly sweet and tangy coconut lime mint cooler is just the thing to help you feel refreshed and revitalized! Instead of reaching for gatorade or some other refined-sugary infused drink, opt for coconut water. Coconut water is natures natural electrolytes, filled with exactly the right ratios of all-natural potassium, chloride and calcium as well as small amounts of sodium. 

Benefits of drinking this cooler include: 
- Lowered arterial blood pressure
- Reduced fatigue (more energy)
- Strengthened immune system (shield from a variety of ailments)
- Helps repair and replace worn out tissues
- Helps replace vitamins and minerals lost through sweat (best electrolyte)
- Increases metabolic rate (great for weight loss)
- Helps dissolve kidney stones
- Rich in enzymes for optimal digestion and metabolism
- One of the best dehydration aids
- Prevents muscle cramping
- Rich in calcium for stronger bones, tissues and and muscle
- High in B vitamins to help manage stress and anxiety
 - Excellent diuretic to help flush toxins
- Reduces bloating
 - Helps control diabetes (improves blood circulation in the body) 
- High in antioxidants for optimal health

- 2 young thai coconuts (or enough young thai coconut water to make 3-4 cups)
- 1 lime, sliced into half-moon shapes (as pictured)
- 4 sprigs mint leaves

Put the lime and mint into a glass container and add the coconut water. Let sit overnight to infuse, or sip right away throughout the day. Enjoy!


  1. Drinking this refreshing and energizing fresh drink will not only invigorate your body but combining with vegan diet will ultimately result in an optimal health.


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