Full-Body Beet Cleanser

This juice is a powerful full-body cleanser! Beets, rich in betaine (amazing antioxidant), are one of natures most detoxifying vegetables out there! They are loaded with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients and are one of the best ways to help cleanse the liver (which is where major health-related issues stem from). The anti-inflammatory effects of ginger and turmeric help to keep pain-related inflammation at bay, and the diuretic effects of cucumber help to flush out unwanted toxins.

Major cleansing benefits of this juice include:
- Optimized oxygen transfer throughout the blood and lymphatic system
- Wonderful treatment for anemia, bladder & kidney disorders

- Flushes the liver of harmful toxins
- Improves mental functioning and mental acuity
- Reduces homocysteine levels (thus reducing cardiovascular disease risk)
- Balances mood & helps fight depression
- Improves endurance and energy levels (fights fatigue)
- Great for treatment of gallstones, gout and jaundice
- Natural diuretic to help flush and hydrate
- Reduces uric acid in the body which is a major cause of inflammation in the joints, muscles and tendons
- High in silica for healthy hair, nails, and skin
- Stimulates digestion, relieves bloating and gastrointestinal distress
- Regulates blood pressure and can help stabilize a high fever

- 3 large beets, peeled
- 3 large carrots
- 3 apples, of any variety (make sure organic)
- 4 inches ginger root
- 1 cucumber
- 4 inches turmeric root
- 1 lemon, peeled if not organic, or peel left on if organic

Put the above ingredients into a juicer (such as the Omega, which I highly recommend), and drink within the hour to avoid oxidation. If you do not have access to turmeric root, add 2 tsp. turmeric powder to the juice and shake up before consuming. Enjoy!


  1. Should a 16 year old female should drink this or no?

  2. How often should you drink it

  3. Are beets raw or cooked.
    Sorry, but I have never cooked beets before, so am not sure.


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