Carrot Orange Ginger Zinger Juice!

This juice is not only incredibly easy to prepare, but it tastes FANTASTIC and is good for you too! It is a rich source of a number of necessary nutrients and minerals - kind of like a miracle concoction that is good for various purposes. It helps treat and prevent diseases and helps to improve our hair, skin and nails. 

Here are 15 reasons why you should start drinking this juice! Loaded with large amounts of beta-carotene, potassium and B vitamins, the health benefits are endless…
1. Improves immunity and controls heart disease
2. Reduces cholesterol
3. Aids in the clotting of blood
4. Prevents cancer
5. Helps the body repair muscle (like after working out)
6. Increases metabolism for fat loss
7. Increases oxygen carrying capacity
8. Controls blood sugar levels
9. Aids in digestion
10. Calcium for strong, healthy bones
11. Anti-aging
12. Controls sun damage
13. Prevents acne
14. Reduces dryness and scarring
15. Heals external wounds & gums

- 4 oranges
- 5 large carrots
- 3-4 inches ginger root
- Optional: 1 lemon (for some added zingy-ness!)

Juice the above ingredients in a juicer such as the Omega, and enjoy immediately for optimal benefits! This juice can be drunk every day, or even twice a day!


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