Liver Cleanse Juice

Your first line of defence against toxins is your liver! Cleansing the liver helps it produce better, more efficient bile, which helps your body flush toxins and break down fat more effectively. Many fruits and vegetables help to cleanse the liver, but dandelion greens (and other bitter greens like arugula and mustard greens) are particularly effective. 

This amazing green helps to increase bile flow so that the liver can be properly detoxed. The incredible mineral and vitamin density of these greens also helps flush out toxins, binding to them and transferring them to the kidneys to be eliminated via urination. 

Celery is also a diuretic while increases urine flow to help expel toxins at a faster rate, while ginger helps to eliminate bacteria and viruses and any inflammation that might be harming our precious detox organs. 

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- 1 bunch organic dandelion greens
- 5 large organic carrots
- 1 head organic celery
- 2 lemons
- 4-5 inches ginger 
- *Optional: to sweeten, add 2 granny smith apples (to make dandelion greens less bitter)

Take the above ingredients and juice them in a juicer like the Omega 8005. Enjoy!


  1. Has anyone had a reaction to this drink? And if so is it more than usual bowel movements and in some cases diariha

    1. That shouldn't happen, but everyone is different! Try it out yourself, it is good to release toxins!


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