Vitamin Water Infusions

Creating your own vitamin water is one of the simplest things to do! All you need is some fruit, herbs and water and you are set. Don't settle for the "vitamin waters" you might notice in grocery stores. Those waters are full of artificial chemical flavourings, plenty of refined sugar and bone dissolving acids all of which promote illness and disease. 

Making your own vitamin water infusions is quick and easy! They are packed with natural vitamins and minerals (not synthetic alterations of them) and thus they are better recognized and utilized in the body. Make sure to create larger batches so that these waters will last you all throughout the week!

1. Pick a non-citrus fruit - I like to pick things like berries, kiwi, mango or pineapple. 
2. Pick a citrus fruit - you can choose from orange slices to lemon or lime slices!
3. Add herbs - choose things like mint, rosemary, basil or other favourite herbs

Once you have decided on the combination you want to use (and you may add as little or as much as you please of each - I like to add in about 1/2 cup of each fruit and 1/4 cup of herbs for 2 litres of water), put them into a large jug of water and let them soak in the water in a fridge overnight. In the morning you will have yourself a wonderful vitamin infused water that you can enjoy over the day!

Favourite combinations of mine:
1. Strawberry, lemon, mint
2. Lemon, lime, mint
3. Kiwi, lemon, lime, mint
4. Pineapple, lemon, basil
5. Mango, orange, rosemary

*You may also choose to add some ice to your water for an even cooler treat!


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