Cold & Flu Busting Kiwi Lime Smoothie

Kiwi is a great food to include in your diet. Many people steer clear of kiwi because it makes their mouth feel itchy - the main cause of this is the fact that people do not let their kiwis ripen, and eat them when they are more hard than soft, leading to mouth-itch. When fruit is un-ripe, it is not meant to be eaten - nature is intelligent, and the enzymes will literally attack your mouth (and make you "allergic") - Wait for your kiwis to feel incredibly soft and supple, they will be a darker green inside and will smell and taste incredibly sweet and NOT tart. 

Kiwi and limes ensure your body is full of vitamin C! Vitamin C boosts the immune system, helps heal wounds and increases the absorption of iron. In fact, just one serving of kiwi provides you with 230% of your RDA of vitamin C! Kiwis are also very fibrous, and so they promote good gut health (better digestion, and for staying regular). Chromium is also present in kiwi, which helps regulate our heart beats as well as magnesium which enhances our energy levels!

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- 6 - 8 RIPE kiwi (let them get really really soft - that is when they are fully ripe, and when they will not make your mouth itchy)
- 2 key limes, juiced
- 2 oranges, juiced
- 1 cup spinach
- Water & flesh from 1 young thai coconut

Put all ingredients in a blender, pulse blend for 20-30 seconds & serve!

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