Pomegranate Creamsicle Smoothie for Immunity & Glowing Skin!

This pomegranate creamsicle smoothie contains more antioxidants than green tea and features some of the best ingredients for immunity and glowing skin! Oh – and it also tastes like a creamsicle, but 10x better – mainly because of the pomegranate and blueberry addition, which bring it up a whole other level!

Pomegranates contain tannins, which help prevent your skin from aging (in fact, many cosmetic skin care companies utilize tannins for their anti-aging effects!). They are also great for enhancing the immune system, along with the blueberries and oranges, which are renowned for their antioxidant and immune-boosting effects.
Now that I am switching over my recipes to www.livelovefruit.com, you can find the recipe by clicking the link below! Be sure to subscribe to me there! :)

For The FULL Recipe, Click HERE --> http://bit.ly/1z8Djgi


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