Stress Reduction Smoothie

Don't let stress hijack your life! Stress wreaks havoc on the mind and body! Psychological stress has been linked with greater risk for developing depression, heart disease and infectious diseases. "When under stress, cells of the immune system are unable to respond to hormonal control, and consequently, produce levels of inflammation that promote disease. Inflammation plays a role in many diseases such as cardiovascular, asthma and autoimmune disorders," says Sheldon Cohen, professor of psychology. 

This juice helps combat the effects of stress by helping to calm the nerves of the nervous system. Bananas contain vitamin B6 which is required to manufacture serotonin. Serotonin helps make us feel happy and at ease, and thus reduces our immediate responses to stressors in the environment and allows us to respond more rationally. Spinach contains magnesium, which is a mineral with relaxing and calming effects. 

Vanilla bean and ginger are also great at reducing stress. Vanilla beans are soothing, calming and relaxing. The very smell of vanilla triggers feel-good emotions in the body. Ginger helps to uplift your mood and can banish negative feelings. The main component in ginger, gingerol, helps cleanse harmful chemicals produced by the body when become worried, and so it aids in relieving psychological stress as well. 

Chamomile is another great stress reliever. It has a gentle calming sedative effect on the central nervous system and has been used for centuries to ease stress, reduce headaches, insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome. Why not start your day off right and whip up this smoothie in the morning? See the amazing effect it will have on your overall mood, and repeat every day :)

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- 2 bananas
- 1 cup spinach
- 2 tsp. fresh vanilla bean (or raw vanilla bean powder, or the extract - get without alcohol and other added chemicals)
- 1 inch ginger (shredded finely or pressed in garlic press)
- 2 cups chamomile tea (brew 3 tbsp. chamomile flowers in 2 cups warm (not boiling) water, and let stand for 5-10 minutes. Strain out flowers and use the water to add to smoothie)

Blend the above ingredients in blender and serve! This is great in the morning (to help prepare your nerves for the day) or afternoon when you want to wind down (such as after work). Enjoy!


  1. This looks so healthy but still tasty from the fruit juices :). I have a hand blender so I really have no excuse to make smoothies so rarely. I will try to make them more as they're healthy and yummy.


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