Raw Vegan Neapolitan Ice Cream (100% fat-free!)

Who didn't love neapolitan ice cream as a child? I know it was one of my personal favourites, but little did I know the devastating effects it had on my body. Conventional ice cream, as we all know, is dairy, and dairy is highly mucus-causing. Mucus leads to a clogged digestive tract that shields our cilia from properly absorbing nutrients from food (and thus leading to a wide variety of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the general population). Conventional ice cream is also loaded with chemical preservatives, synthetic flavouring agents, and refined sugars which lead to an ill and diseased state inside the body. 

Thankfully, we can still enjoy ice cream - except without the dairy-cream component. This raw, vegan gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream is still as creamy as it's dairy counterpart, and just as sweet. Did I mention it is also 100% guilt-free? I eat this stuff all the time, and am still waiting for the scale to rise. In fact, I can eat bowls and bowls at a time, and my weight has still managed to stay the same. THAT, my friends, is the power of raw fruits and vegetables for ya! ;)

- 3 frozen ripe spotty bananas
- 4 pitted medjool dates
- 1 tsp. fresh vanilla powder

Blend in a blender such as the Vitamix and set aside in a bowl in the freezer.

- 3 frozen ripe spotty bananas
- 4 pitted medjool dates
- 2 tbsp. raw carob powder

Blend in a blender and set aside in a bowl in the freezer.

- 3 frozen ripe spotty bananas
- 1 cup strawberries (or raspberries - or you can mix the two)
- 2 pitted medjool dates

Blend in a blender and set aside in a bowl in the freezer.

1. Get a long square container and on one side, layer the vanilla, followed next with the strawberry and then the chocolate (or however which way you want the flavours - similar to how you would see conventional neapolitan ice cream laid out in a container. Do not put the layers on top of each other, you want them side by side).
2. Place in the freezer and let sit for 1-2 hours.
3. Scoop out and enjoy!

Note: If you have a Juicer such as the Omega or the Champion Juicer, you can run each separate flavour through the juicer after blending (without the screening filter in place - use the plain black filter which doesn't have any strainer through it). Once you have each flavour "juiced" into soft-serve ice cream, then you can layer them, freeze it, then serve.


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