Okay, here it is, and more to come this week. I came up with this concoction a couple weeks ago, and it is so yummy! So to begin with, here's a photo:


However many zucchini you feel like
Mango, fresh, chopped
Tomato, fresh, chopped
(can add papaya as well)

Orange juiced 
(blend together)

Mix everything together until you have this beautiful concoction (I massaged it all with my hands)


  1. Wow, that looks so delicious and so healthy!! Thanks for sharing your blog - will definitely have to try some of your recipes, as my juice fast is ending shortly :)


    1. Thanks Kelly!! My recipes are tried and true, they will not disappoint! :) They are clean, low fat, all raw vegan and 100% good for you! Definitely foods you will want to eat after your fast :) And don't forget to try the green juice I just posted - amazingly yummy!!


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