Raw Persimmon Pudding

Persimmons are in season, and what better way to celebrate than make some guilt-free persimmon pudding! Persimmons are an energy-dense fruit which are particularly suitable for those suffering from liver and bowel problems (they are a powerful diuretic and contain ample fibre to keep us regular). Not only that, but persimmons also provide plenty of vitamin C to help boost our immune systems, and help reduce high blood pressure (so it is particularly suitable for diabetics). 

Persimmons are also able to combat stress, fatigue and tiredness due to their high vitamin and mineral content. Not only that, but persimmons are an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and help aid in nutrient absorption from other foods. 

- 4 RIPE fuyu persimmons (make sure these are RIPE - they should feel like a very squishy water balloon before opening!)
- 1 ripe, spotty banana
- 2 medjool dates
- dried, unsulphured coconut (optional)
- organic raisins (optional)

1. Scoop out the sweet succulent fruit inside each persimmon and put into a high-speed blender like the Vitamix. 

2. Next, peel the banana and put into the blender, along with 2 pitted medjool dates. 

3. Blend on high-speed until well mixed. 

4. Top with coconut & raisins if you please! Enjoy!


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    1. Hey Bern,

      You can subscribe! If you hover over the right area, a little bar should pop up where you can subscribe. Do you see it?


    2. I, too, would love to subscribe but when I hovered over the right, the only bars that came up were labels and popular posts...what am I doing wrong? I'm finally ready to go raw and your site is the most comprehensive. Thank you!

    3. Hi Wendy,

      I am trying my best to get a proper template for this website. I am sorry if you cannot find the subscription area. Check back in a week or two and I should have it figured out. Sorry for the inconvenience!



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