Raw, Vegan, Probiotic Almond Milk!

- 2 cups raw almonds (soak them overnight in water to help blend them easier and to release enzyme inhibitors which makes them more digestible. Drain and rinse the almonds afterward.)
- 4 cups water (you can also try coconut water or dandelion tea)
- 3-5 dates, pitted
- 2 vegan probiotic capsules (try one with at least 10 billion cultures per capsule - I personally like to use Garden of Life RAW Primal Defense capsules) 

Preparation Instructions
1. Blend all the ingredients together except for the Probiotic capsules in a high speed blender.
2. Pour the mixture through the nut milk bag over a bowl and squeeze!
3. Add the Probiotic capsules to the milk. Just open them up to release the powder inside. Gently stir with a spoon.

At this point you can put your almond milk in the fridge and it’s ready! 
Or, you can add these extra steps: 

4. Cover the bowl with a towel to keep it away from the light and put it in the oven (don’t turn on the oven). The oven will keep the milk at a stabilized temperature which will help with the culturing process. Leave it in there for 12 hours or overnight.
When the 12 hours is up, take out the bowl and it’s ready! It should smell like yogurt! 

This recipe makes for an excellent vegan base to any smoothie, and will keep in the fridge for a total of five days!

Recipe Contributor: 
Salomé is a healer born in Ecuador. She helps busy people make time and space for themselves and specializes on healing before, and after surgery. Her healing allows her clients to pause for a moment, let go, and re-connect with mind, body and spirit. Her method helps decrease physical pain after surgery and helps clients recover faster. Learn more about Salomé at www.salometorres.com.


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