Fruit Nice-Cream ("Ice cream")

If you still want to eat ice cream without feeling guilty that it is going to leave your waistline 5 inches bigger, then you have come to the right place! Making "ice cream" out of fruit is one of the simplest dessert recipes, and the good thing is, is that you can eat as much of it as you please! All you need is a little imagination, your favourite fruits, a freezer, and a juicer (omega or champion - any kind of masticating juicer or a juicer that has set instructions that says you can make ice cream with it) or a blender.

The ingredients are simply whatever fruit you want to include in your ice cream. If you want pineapple ice cream, then purchase a pineapple, wait for it to ripen, cut it up into cubes, and put it in the freezer. If you want berry ice cream, buy some berries and put them in the freezer until frozen. Same goes with any other fruit; bananas, kiwis, peaches, durian, etc.

So once your fruit is frozen, take it out of the freezer and put it through your juicer or blender (the blender will require a little bit of water to get it started; the juicer will make the ice cream look almost like soft serve, I always prefer making ice cream out of my omega 8006 juicer because I find it turns out better).

And there you have it! Fruit nice cream! (and why is it called "nice" cream, well, because it doesn't involve the enslavement of cows who have their babies taken away so they will produce milk)



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