Papaya Sunshine Smoothie!

It is papaya season! At least, I think it is. I always find the best quality papayas come out around winter time. The ones in summer are always hard and weird tasting. Before I did this recipe I didn't know that the two ingredients I used are two big "no-no's" in the food combining world (oops), however I did NOT get any digestive distress, so you will need to try this out for yourself and see if your tummy is okay with it! 

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So to get started you will simply need:
- Blender
- 1 medium papaya
- 4 oranges

1. Cut the papaya in half and scoop out the seeds
2. Skin the papaya and cut into pieces that can go straight into the blender
3. Juice the oranges with a manual juicer or however you like to juice your oranges (it is okay if some pulp is left behind - it will all be blended either way!) and put the juice in the blender
4. Pulse blend (to reduce oxidation) and serve!

Enjoy! :)

Final Product: Tasty papaya orange goodness!!


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