Raw Low Fat Vegan Fruit Cake (Without feeling guilty cake)

What if you could eat cake EVERYDAY, YEAR-ROUND, and NOT GAIN WEIGHT?

Well, that sounds like one of the best plans I've ever heard! 

Here is a cake that will leave you feeling guilt-free, satisfied and fuelled for the day! And you can eat as many as you please..

    - 6 dates, softened in water for about 3 hours (or just use very moist dates)
    - Organic vanilla extract (1/2 tsp)
    - little bit of water
    ----> blend these all together until it creates an icing like paste, depending      on how soft your dates are you may need more or less water, so start off by adding less water than you think you need

Cake layers: (use as many as you like of the below, see how tall you can stack!)
    - Mango, sliced thinly to make a bunch of mango layers
    - Bananas, sliced horizontally to make banana layers
    - Cherries, sliced thinly to make cherry layers
Put a layer of bananas on the bottom of the plate, next the mango, then the "icing" and then the cherries. Continue this until ingredients are fulfilled!


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